Tracking all of my time has made me very aware of how precious it is. There are clear tradeoffs between how much time one spends on A and on B.

In school, time is divided more-or-less equally between subjects. It’s a balanced portfolio, built for “well roundedness.”

I find this a bit sclerotic, as it doesn’t permit time spent on a subject to grow and shrink dynamically based on interest (or local importance). History studies occupy x hours per week in class and y hours of homework time regardless of external factors.

Some of this “balance” mentality tends to stay with people into adulthood too. Jack of all Trades is a title that curious people too often wear with pride. They’re a woodworker, a poet, a pierogi officionado, a bicyclist, a graphic designer, a crypto trader, and 5 other things. None of these things are bad, but all together they’re exasperating.

A healthy relationship towards subjects/hobbies/pursuits allows some of them to grow while others die. This has to happen for most people to maintain sanity. Specialization, at least in urban and semi-urban areas, is essential.