In the past, I would try to remember things or write them on a myriad of lists. Now I throw them in my bucket for processing later. This single receptacle for information has simplified my life immensely. It eliminates anxiety about whether I’ve forgotten something, because every important thing gets thrown in the bucket.

Okay, I lied about there being a single bucket–I have about 7–but they’ve been abstracted/virtualized into one bucket through recurring tasks. There are taskwarrior tasks that tell me to check my voicemail, SMS, email, USPS mailbox, etc. The information and the process for aggregating the information is outside my brain, which is what matters.

Perhaps someday I will make some of those buckets, like voicemail, automatically feed into my taskwarrior bucket through transcription services and connectors. That would be the accommodating strategy. Alternatively, I could go opinionated/dogmatic, as Wyands are wont to do, and just declare that email is the only way to reach me. We’ll see what happens.