I haven’t read a book for over a week, and haven’t built any software for several weeks. Why? Time is hard to come by, and most of my free time has been spent destroying albatrosses on my next actions list (recovering hard drive data, cancelling my LLC, getting lent books back from friends). Meanwhile, I’ve been putting every new thing I want to do on my someday/maybe list, causing my next actions list to gradually shrink. The idea is that once I’ve said no to enough things, I’ll eventually find a point where it is healthy to say yes to things again.

An unfortunate side-effect of this single-minded obsession with albatross tasks is that my exploration of ideas (outside this blog) has been minimal. The synthesis machine that is blogging requires the fuel of engagement with the thinking of others, which is lacking. Deep engagement is happening in some areas, like covenant theology and Powershell scripting, but the technicalities of those topics means that I sometimes don’t even know what questions to ask to start synthesizing their ideas into my thinking.

Book reading needs to resume…soon!