Today I was amicably arguing with ~blendergeek about what to name our grocery price comparison project. We started a couple of years ago with the name “Trastr”, denoting that our tool compares and contrasts things. Now, we believe that we also need a name for our instance of the software that we will run for users, as well as the business entity behind that instance. So far, those things have called been “Tagprism” and “Open Price Library” respectively. Basically:

  • Free Software Project = Trastr
  • Our Instance = Tagprism
  • Our Business Entity = Open Price Library

Maybe this is too complicated. We bought today, the non-ownership of which had been my main reason for inventing the Tagprism name. Maybe the project and instance could be called Trastr. I’m not entirely ready to make that leap, but I’m close. My wife and my co-project-maintainer both think Tagprism is an awkward name to say. Need to sleep on it…and actually build the project instead of agonizing about naming.