While designing a Flask web app today, I decided to take a break from the programming work to write a few silly app loading messages a la Homestuck. Afterwards, I felt more creative and upbeat. Sometimes it does a mind good to freewrite like a madman!

dismembering panels
renegotiating fog hoppers
engaging abstract cogs
detaining lagomorphs
winding trunnions
processing tubular noises
querying axial buckets
fortifying sludge
exacerbating quantum ramifications
interpolating chucks
codifying thoracic wavelengths
andodizing quark salad
retrofitting nozzles
emulsifying toads
reintegrating clutches
divining neural relays
crumbling bulbs
colliding plenary utensils
melding rails
tossing haptic rivets
delimiting spaghetti
denying inverse indicators
machining totems
navigating manifolds
peeling crusts
pondering quail
winding catchments
cauterizing nebulae
spending disks
trading pandemonium cassettes
vectorizing whisks
supplementing hives
caching warp hammers
hunting dirigibles
reprogramming epistemologies
enabling candelabras
watering time drives
upending mitochondrial facets
scooping palladium
demonizing clumps
rotating plastic meshes
chiseling nuggets
randomizing grilles
preventing drums
fetching unique brackets
normalizing bunt cannons
filing cantankerous boondoggles
chortling compendiums
flavoring chutney accelerators
duplicating surfaces
sanding toggles
erasing wormhole runes
emulsifying superstructures