A lot of people, including myself, have issues with consistency. We start a project, then another, then another. Very few of them are seen to completion. This vice has frustrated me my whole life, and I’ve tried many paper and computer-based systems over the years to compensate. So far, nothing has worked quite as well as a simple Android app I found several months ago. It’s called the Loop Habit Tracker.


The app is designed to keep track of your habits over time in a simple, elegant way. The home screen is simply a list of tasks that you want to complete on a consistent basis. When a task is done for the day, you check it off. The setup menu for new tasks only asks for the task name, how frequently the task needs done, and whether you should be alerted when the task pops up. Over time, you’ll see statistics on your progress presented in happy little graphs.

In addition to being a useful piece of software, it’s code is open-sourced under the GPLv3 licence. Go grab it on F-Droid or Google Play.